Exercises for bed ridden patients

https://youtu.be/MCIwy7S0rlA This is the second part of the exercises for Bed Ridden Patients. In this video Dr.Priyanka demonstrates and explains 5 exercises for lower body necessary for Bed Ridden Patients of below conditions, during the Lockdown time to avoid secondary complications in patients. Secondary high risk complications such as DVT, Muscle atrophy, Hypotension, Pressure sores, Osteoporosis etc need to be avoided by performing the exercises regularly. 1. Stroke Patients 2. Dementia 3. Old Age 4. Bone Fracture 5. Pneumonia 6. Post Major Surgeries (eg.Heart, Abdominal, Brain, etc.) 7. Knee Replacement 8. Hip Replacement 9. Knee Ligament Surgery 10. Cancer Patients


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