Female with c/o Difficulty In Passing Urine

A 51 Years Old Female Presents With Increased Frequency of micturition but unable to pass urine completely for last 2 weeks.. Now Presents with slight pain in hypogastrium region For Last 1 day.. There is No h/o trauma, No h/o major illness. She was prescribed, Syp. octrol and Tab Ciprofloxacin 1 week earlier but didn't show any remission.. what could be the d/d,approach for Management and treatment in this patient ?? Please help..

1) There is severe urine tract Infection Appropriate antibiotics need to be gives as per urine culture and sensitivity She may need injectable antibiotics 2) Inability to completely empty the urine is important cause of severe and recurrent Tab. Bethanechol (Urotone) - one tablet 25 mg three times a day may help in decreasing retention of urine (Not to be used if there Asthma)
Thank you doctor
Issues:increased micturition Lower abdomen pain Despite on antibiotics symptoms not resolved. Fever history Is she diabetic and hypertensive? KFT URINE ROUTINE AND CS USG KUB TAB URISPAS 200MG TDS TAB NITROFURANTOIN 100mg BD SYP ALKASOL 15ML WITH 30 ML WATER TDS STRICT INTAKE OUTPUT MONITORING
Thank you doctor
There is possibility of Cystitis , cystocoele, bladder stone and/ or diabetes She should get urine routine and microscopic, urine culture and sensitivity, xray kub and ultrasound of pelvis done . Treatment as per reports. Meanwhile give Nitrofurantoin and antispasmodic
Also consider lower ureteric calculus at vuj area.

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UTI. Ac.Cystitis. Urine C& S would give clear picture aboit Antibiotic sensitivity.. Urin PH should be correcte with alkelizer. Maftal Spas for smooth muscles pain.
? UTI ? Ureteric calculus Sugget. Usg Abd & pelvic Urine routine Uric acid CBC.
It may be due to retroverted uterus, urinary bladder stone , cystitis, cystocele and treatment accordingly
Look for UTI Could be urethral stricture Ureteric stone Adv: urineC/S T/t tab uritop100 bd Syrup citralka
Dysurea needs to investigated Adv MCU to r/o uretheral strictures Cystitis Any vesical calculus UTI
Thanx dr Chena Ram Chaudhary

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In addition to Dr.Jain's list, also consider VUJ area stone
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