Hello everyone I would like to share this case with you 40 year old female unaware of any medical problem. Presented to my clinic with CC” I have a space between my front teeth and my teeth are discolored “ After clinical and RG examination The patient has: - 1.5 mm diastema - And multiple discoloration What do you think is the most appropriate treatment option for this case ?


Bleaching with direct composite restoration to close the spaces.
Veneers to close the space and if she is really concerned about esthetic
Thank you Dr.Amani Veneers is a good option.
Direct composite will be more then good
From my point of view, Direct composite restorations will solve the problem
Bleaching then diastema closure with dirct resin composite.
Bleaching and direct composite unless the Pt. Wants berfect smile , I will go for ceramic veneers
Bleaching and direct composite is conservative option, thank you for sharing this case
I think bleaching and direct composite will do just fine. Partial minimal prep veneers can also be considered
Bleaching and direct composite restoration will be good as a first choice for this patient
Veneering the teeth & close midline diastema.prostheticaly placing crown & also close diastema
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