Coronavirus- Awareness!

Hello all, Regarding Coronavirus, I've observed few things which I would like to share here- 1. Many patients who were tested positive for the virus had one thing in common, that is, they all had a travel history abroad. They returned to India and tested here positive for the virus. And even if they infected people here, many of them recovered. 2. The people who were adversely infected with the virus were of the old age, age above 60, who had an underlying disease already and had low immunity to the virus. 3. Indians have the strongest immune system jn world, I believe and is capable of fighting any infection, virus like this. Also, just few measures like- Washing hands, using sanitiser, proper cleaning of homes, workplaces are enough to fight the virus. Many companies are making fake sanitisers and is taking advantage of the situation. As a doctor, it's our responsibility to spread the correct information and awareness to people... There's a quote in English- Little knowlegde is a dangerous thing... So, we need to educate people to not believe in any false informations on the virus and if they have anyone in family who travelled from abroad, needs to be screened... This is just a healthy discussion.... kindly contribute to it.. #Spreadawareness #Doctors Thank you


Dr Chinmay - thanks for initiating the discussion on Corona virus .I will start with that in last 24 hours 100 deaths and 2000 cases are reported in Spain . Now whole of Europe is involved in Pandemic .Italy, France , Germany England- number of cases are increased day by day .It means a disease which started in China has engulfed whole of Europe. More than 3000 official positive cases are reported in United states . We should not take things lightly- if at all it spreads in india - only then our immune system will be tested .As 107 cases and 2 deaths reported in india - we are for the time being saved by God .In future what happens we don't know. As Doctor in curofy- we should contribute as much as possible in bringing awareness in the society. Agreed many fake sanitizers - some herbal are promoted .According to W.H.O only alcohol based sanitizers are effective. This Pandemic is worst than SARS in 2002 and MERS in 2012 as now globally all countries are involved. Our active participation is required
I really agree with you ,but it is very important for prevention of the disease if situation worsen in our india it will be very difficult to say...

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Absolutely correct sir. In cases of immunocompromised state, close contacts with the positive cases, needs an attention. Mortality is lowest compared to all other epidemic viral infections. Media perhaps a culprit creating threats. Being a crowded and developing country, we have god gifted immunity against such countless strains of viruses. Self care measures are very important.
I agree
All are true & effective initiation to combat COVID 19 But in India so many villages are there who do not have even water source adequately. And so many poor person who do not even food or home. We all should think of them. Let Govt & Social organization come forward immediately.
Here, I would say, govt and social organizations are doing their part... Let's do our part also.... Thanks

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Rightly said sir,m happy to see pts are worried and taking care of themselves but there are lot of things that need changes in society,for low economic strata it becomes difficult to get sanitizer or proper water and food only.
Thank you doctor

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