33m on treatment for insomnia . Tab quitapin 100 mg hs since 2yrs Tab zolpidem 15 mg hs since 6



Simple insomnia can be treated with some common steps. A bath with hot water , listen music for about 30 minutes .play with family members indoor games. Read book few pages. Have a lite mill and tablet which he is taking. Consult psychiatrist for reduction of dose .once in a while a short vacation for 1 day if conditions are favourable .

Dear Dr.Vishwanath Kotagi Sir, According to ayurveda Tab. Nindra Shanti 2 at bed time. Gau ghruta abhyanga on padatal ( foot sole ). Tab. Brahmi Vati 1 BD with milk. Also advice for Dhyana at least 24 minutes daily.

Try to find out in patient suffering from insomnia better treated by well qualified clinical PSYCOLOGIST.

It is job of clinical PSYCOLOGIST to find psychodynamic and parthenogenesis and treat without any medicines

Need proper evaluation by psychiatrist

Better be treated by well qualified clinical PSYCOLOGIST

Needs thorough psychometric evaluation. Depending on finding Management may b planned.

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