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Allergic rhinitis with wet eczema

33Y/M com. Of Allergic rhinitis since 5-6 month Wet eczema on left leg since 2 years(take allopathic) White watery discharge in nose Sneezing(15 episode) < morning, change of weather,winter n monsoon season C/o sore throat Watery eyes Itching in eyes sometime Itching in left leg < night P/h- recurrent cold n coryza F/h- mother- Allergic rhinitis Sister- allergic rhinitis Father-DM Thermal-chilly Thirsty Spicy,sour desire Sleep-left Plz suggestion homeopathic medi.??


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Rx Arsenic alb.

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Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy C/O Allergic Rhinitis Since 5-6 month. Wet Eczema on left leg Since 2yrs. Rx Bacillinum 1m Monthly 1dose X2month. =2dose Only wait Till 3month. * Natrum Sulph 200 Weekly 1dose X2month = 8dose. * Sangunaria 30xbd. X5day.

Oozimg dermatitis .+ Rhinitis I think silicea 6x will work.. Psorinium 1M ( night )Psorinium immunity booster.

If mind indicate think about Nat mur or Thuja

Rx Arsenic alb.

Psorinum 200

Nat mur is helpful medicine

Allium cepa may be helpful

Rx Psorinum may be helpful

Bromium 6 4d ,pathos Q3d.

Rx Allium cepa

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