Allergic rhinitis with wet eczema

33Y/M com. Of Allergic rhinitis since 5-6 month Wet eczema on left leg since 2 years(take allopathic) White watery discharge in nose Sneezing(15 episode) < morning, change of weather,winter n monsoon season C/o sore throat Watery eyes Itching in eyes sometime Itching in left leg < night P/h- recurrent cold n coryza F/h- mother- Allergic rhinitis Sister- allergic rhinitis Father-DM Thermal-chilly Thirsty Spicy,sour desire Sleep-left Plz suggestion homeopathic medi.??



Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy C/O Allergic Rhinitis Since 5-6 month. Wet Eczema on left leg Since 2yrs. Rx Bacillinum 1m Monthly 1dose X2month. =2dose Only wait Till 3month. * Natrum Sulph 200 Weekly 1dose X2month = 8dose. * Sangunaria 30xbd. X5day.

Oozimg dermatitis .+ Rhinitis I think silicea 6x will work.. Psorinium 1M ( night )Psorinium immunity booster.

If mind indicate think about Nat mur or Thuja

Nat mur is helpful medicine

Allium cepa may be helpful

Rx Psorinum may be helpful

Bromium 6 4d ,pathos Q3d.

Rx Arsenic alb.

Rx Allium cepa

Psorinum 200

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