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Atopic Eczema

34/M have these kind of lesions on both elbow joints. Lesions are itchy in nature and show on n off with medicine. NO H/O any Co-morbid conditions. Diagnosis n treatment please?


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Eczema it could b . If he has not used any rx til now then pls start him on tenovate creame bd for 2 weeks and levosiz tab 10 mg for 5 days . Pls follow up. Add sum mild moisteriers like nmfe lotion in afternoon

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? Contact dermatitis.... ? eczema..

Eczema Urticaria Dermatitis Treat symptomatically

Paederus dermatitis

? Contact Dermatitis ? Atopic eczema

A C D Atopic eczema Clop gm oint locally Tab Levocet bd

Charma kushtha ? Rx Brihad manjishthadi kashay syrup 20ml bd Khadiradi vati 2bd Amyron tab 2bd SH tab 1bd locally, Cutis cream and dusting cutis cream


Tnx Dr Anil Gangani

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Skin lesions. Atopic eczema.

Contact dermatitis

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