34 year old Gravida 2 para 1 at 6 weeks gestation with ectooic pregnancy

Images of ectopic pregnancy Chief Complaints Patient came with complaints of amenorrhea for 2 months, spotting pv and lower abdominal pain History Patient had one delivery 2 years back vaginal...this time she had spotting pv after 2 months amenorrhea. Also she complained of lower abdominal pain Vitals Pulse was 110/min...pallor present...BP 100/70 mHg. Physical Examination Per abdomen there was tenderness in lower abdomen. CET positive on pv examination Investigations UPT POSITIVE...Ultrasound revealed ectopic pregnancy in left adnexa. With 4 plus hemoperitoneum Diagnosis Left sided ruptured ectopic pregnancy Management Left sided salpingectomy with peritoneal lavage done with 2 pint packed cells transfusion.

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