34 yr old female pt,h/o chest pain inrt lateral side frm 1 yr


Prominent brnchovascular margins, rest normal CXR. Rule out allergic asthma or any other complaints like cough, pain on lying or coughing etc.

Thank you doctor

Changes of COPD emphysema with left upper zonal fibrobronchiectatic lesions seen. Possibly Koch's sequelae.

Though the complaints are of rt side but rt side is normal Lt side apex is opaque at 1st 2nd ics Small round opacity is also seen at scapular tail 7th ics We need to workout on these shadows likely tubercular or malignant

Thanx dr Vipin Bihari Jain

Chronic bronchitis with emphysema with superadded infection

COPD emphysema Fused ribs Left apical fibrobronchiectatic changes ,? Old PT No cause for chest pain can be deduced from xray chest

Normal chest X ray Rule out costochondritis as cause of chest pain

Apparently chronic bronchitis with emphysema with superadded infection Antibiotics Asthalin syrup NSAID'S

Xray is within normal limit. Pain in chest may be musculoskeletal Tietz disease Intercostal neuralgia Anxiety neurosis

Chronic Bronchitis AFB 3 samples along with routine blood investigation Based on reports plan the treatment

Kindly rule out any GERD disease... If x Ray s/O ni any conclusions than can plan for HRCT

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