Dear Doctors... Please advise Medicines for Coronary Heart disease.


Coronary heart disease- the blockage in coronary arteries and reduced blood flow to heart is the end product of a chain of events that OCCUR OVER A LIFETIME . In my experience ( excluding constitutional medicines ) frequently used medicines are...... Cactus leads first. Plumbum met or iod , Ars iod , Aurum iod , Lachesis etc. I usually use single MT only in CHD- Crategus oxy.... A heart tonic. Continued use for prolonged periods yield best results . In many cases only one medicine required to finish the entire issue But controls in food , life style changes , moderate exercises are essential .
I agreed
You should give constitutional medicine But crataegus like medicine have this power as therapeutic use
Dr reckewegR3 drops can be given Doctor
Agree with Dr. Sunil, constitutional treatment following homoeopathic principles alongwith the necessary advise and monitoring in association with cardiologist is recommended. Case management with necessary lifestyle modifications is an important aspect.
Creatagus+allium sativaQ Constitutional medicine And give medicine patient condition.. Apne koi symptoms mentione nahi kiye... serious hai ya normal. Arnica Cact.g Digit Lilium
Constitutional remedy, besides any snake remedy will do, because sanke venom cause haemorrhage
Dx cor.heart diseases-Angina pectoris Rx viscum alb, Latroductus,Adrnelline
If block is more than 50 present above than better to go to angioplasty
Start with Arnica 1M and simultaneously give constitutional medicine.
Constitutional medicine neede for this
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