34yrs/F had cough and cold in feb ... took several drugs including antibiotics,But it doesn't relived... And severity increased...so got self checked for. TLC is increased and eosnophil count is increased ..and have chest infection.... IgE is also increased,No sputum only dry cough...Took lastly monocef o Deryphyllin Ebastin Wyslon for 7days.. pulmonologist also...He gave only amoxyclav for which symptoms doesn't change ..so started with what I stated..Now bit fine but still cough persists as she stoped the medication... wondering shuld i start her on hetrazan for 21days...Or is any other drug for eosnophila.... already had Azithromycin Cipro Amoxyclav Erythromycin Montelukast l Montelukast fx SUGGEST FURTHER MANAGEMENT PLAN?



I looks like a case od secondary eosinophilia considering the age of presentation Causes could be 1.Allergic Rhinitis or bronchitis 2.Parasitic infestations 3.Connective tissue disorders 4.Systemic fungal infections 5Myeloproliferative disorders or AML Get him evaluated with 1 ENT examination for DNS , sinusitis or allergic rhinitis with hypertrophied turbinates 2.An X - ray chest 3.Stool examination for ova and cysts 4.Blood examination for CBC and LFT 5.ULTRASONOGRAPHY abdomen to rule out any organ involvement Treatment- Tab deflazacort 6 mg O.D can be started for 2 weeks Continue Fexofenadine + montelukast Tab Albendazole 400 mg O.D for 3 days If Eosinophilia does not become normal after a repeat test after 20 days then following drugs are the options only if organ involvement is there . Hydroxyurea Chlorambucil Vincristine Cytarabine 2-Chlorodeoxyadenosine (2-CdA) Etoposide Cyclosporine  This case is a mild case of eosinophilia and will resolve with these simple measures Grades,of Eosinophilia are, Mild: 500 - 1500 cells/mL Moderate: 1500 - 5000 cells/mL Severe: > 5000 cells/mL

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Tropical Eosinophilia Lofflers syndrome Tab Benocide forte 100 mg bd for 20 days Seroflo & Duoline rotacap inhalation through rotahaler sos

Could be AR with AB. May consider ICS LABA combination inhalation therapy. Azelastine fluticasone nasal spray.

Rx Sitoapaladi 1 teaspoon+ 1 teaspoon Honey Sanjivani vati 2tid Sudarshan ghanvati 3tid SH tab 1bd Tribhuvan kirti ras 2bd shunthi dhanyak fant once a day for 4 to 6 days, Shadbindu oil for daily nasya.

It is hypereosinophillic syndrome,lofflers syndrome

Omalizumab (Xolair) is the anti-IgE medicine now available. Xolair is made to be similar to natural antibodies and is designed specifically to capture most of the IgE and block the allergic response.

X ray chest PA view Can try ICS - fluticasone. Ask patient for adherence

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