35/f,diffuse swelling over left forearm with ill defined margins,slightly growing since few months,plz suggest


Smears show rounded chondroblast like cells , spindle cells and chondroid fragment in myxoid ground substance. Cytomorphological features are suggestive of chondromyxoid fibroma. Advised -Radiological correlation and biopsy to rule out chondrosarcoma/ myxofibrosarcoma

Dr.Atul Sonar, Age & Site dont go in favour of CS.

Those are unremarkable muscle fragments. The cellular areas where the pics have been taken are not clear to interpret. But looks benign.

Is it a bony or soft tissue swelling ? Any radiological findings?



Yea muscle fragments and need more clear pics with cellular areas to opine..kindly consider reaspiration from the swelling..

Bursal cyst

Thanks to all


Benign mesenchymal lesion

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