35/Make with History of fall from Bike with Severe pain in left shoulder with tenderness (+) Not able to lift the left shoulder ROM (+) ATTACHED XRAY


Dislocated acrominal end of rt clavical with scapula i.e. dislocated acrominoscapular joint at the same time a dense shadow in mid shaft of rt clavical is susipicious pathological and needs further evaluation.

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Acromioclavicular dislocation A standing xray with two kg weight in the hand will reveal the extend of instabilty. Fixation with a hook plate is advisable.

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Dear Dr. Blesso, This is a Fracture of lateral third of Right clavicle with associated Acromioclavicular joint dislocation. The dense shadow over the clavicle signifies an overlap of fragments. This injury needs surgery due to 2 factors: 1. It leads to AC joint instability (as already seen here) 2. Risk of non-union as the lateral end is unstable. Simple strapping or arm slings wont do. He needs ORIF with either a distal clavicular LCP (with wiring of AC joint) or a long hook plate

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Acromioclavicular joint disruption. First treat conservatively by CR followed by sayer's strapping if conservative failure then surgical tight rope technique fxn

Right acromioclavicular joint subluxation.

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Clavicle bone fracture reduction or bandage of 8 will help

Looks like grade 2-3 ACJ Sprain Get an good axial view to know the clavicle displacement and also the x ray with weights in the hands

@Dr. Syam Sundar Patro

Clavicle fracture with dislocation of humerus

Right AC joint disruption closed reduction with jones strapping if its not reduced OR

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