Tenia corporis

35/MALE presenting with seketokonazole since 1 mnths on and off, no burning or any other complaint... not resopnding to ketokonazole itraconazole tried whytolin and onabet oint.. please suggest how to proceed with exact diagnosis


Well -defined Peripheral Margins, Centrally Clear Multiple Plaques, It's Tinea Corporis. Wash da areas by Ketoconazole Soap, TDS Topically, Amorolfin 0.25% BDS Tab. Terbinafine 500mg ODS Fluconazole Powder QDS. Treatment should b continued for 6 - 8Wks. Hope, Pt is not Immunocompromised. Anybody who comes in contact with da Pt, should b treted, immediately. Wash clothes n linens by DETOL Water in regular basis. MAINTAIN HYGIENE STRICTLY, BCOZ, HYGIENE IS DA MAIN CULPRIT HERE.

Thanks a lot sir

I agree Dr. Dhara

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