35 year female C/o:- multiple lump upper quadrant of breast Firm mobile in consistency Re- occur after operation Comment describe??



Discohesive sheets, indian file pattern at place, mild nuclear pleomorphism, with few nucleoli, presence of myoepithelial cells.. f/s/o- Lobular Ca. in situ..

Three dimensional clusters of small hyperchromatic polygonal cells with anisonucleosis overlapping and scanty cytoplasm.Single cell line seen. History say multiple lesion in same breast with reccurance Suggest lobular cell Ca.

Cytosmear show clusters of ductal epithelial cells wid mild pleomorphism but myoepethelium also seen. imp.proliferative disease wid focal atypia.

Sir looks like benign breat disease with atypical cells Better to go for Mammogram and biopsy study

multiple fibroadenomas....both ductal and myoepithelial cells are seen

Possibility of malignancy cant be rule out

Do biopsy first then further evaluation

Recurrent Invasive mammary carcinoma

Indian file pattern - lobular ca?!!

Intralobular carcinoma of breast

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