35 year old female with Lesion over the left thigh only about 5days..now some lesion seen on forehead.itching present..fever..body ache..no insect bites..Adv treatment



Good answers friends. Try to add something Grouped painful blisters filled with fluid and dermatomal pattern more favour to HERPES ZOSTER (Shingles) Here lesions on L2 dermatome. Treatment, friends given good answers. But here antiviral treatment only reduce the duration and severeity of the infection. Preferably antibiotics for viral infection are MACROLIDES. Thank you.

Hello sir. ek bar hone ke baad phirse ho sakta hai??

Herpes zoster /shingles Check immune status Tab VALACYCLOVIR 1gmtds better option than acyclovir (less dosing) -7-10 days Tab NTP for post herpetic neuralgia Capsaicin oint

classical case of herpes zoster.. Rx Acyclovir 800mg 5 times a day.. or Valacyclovir 1gm tds for 7 days Tab.Cefixime 200mg bid for secondary infection Mecobolamine 1500mg with pregabalin 75mg 1od for 2 weeks Paracetamol sos for fever.. Acivir oint bid.. Avoid contact with other family person... Rule out Hiv.. Immunodeficiency... Any history of previous infection...

Varicella zoster. No need of anti viral treatment if patient is not immune improvised. Give antibiotics to treat secondary complications and prevent scarring. Treat symptomatically for pain. In this age group post herpetic neuralgia is not usual. If neuralgic pain is present then gabapentin/ pregabilin/amitryptiline can be given

Herpes zoster rx acyclovir 800 mg 5 hrly for 5 days, paracetamol 15 mg / kg 6 hrly sos, tricyclic antidepressant at night, vit B complex. General supportive care. .

Herpes simplex Rx acylovir 800 mg tid for 7days and antihistamine and analagesic if their is pain

Herpes zoster

Herpes zoster Tab Acivir and oint Acivir Pregabalin Anti allergic Painkiller Antioxidants

Herpes Zoster Rx Acyclovir 800mg five times a day for 7 days. Amoxy clev 625 BD for five days. Analgesic for immediate pain relief. Pregablin methylcobalamin od Calamine lotion for local application.


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