35 years old male patient with ho lingual cracks since last 1 year, ho constipatio on and off gas trouble. kindly suggest line of treatment. to whom refer

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Fissured tongue r scrotal tongue . Very big furrow longitudinally travelling from tip of the tongue to the middle dorsum of the tongue . The is accumulation of food debris in to the grooves of the tongue and results intorable irritable halitosis and which intern hub for growing harmful microorganisms which will aggravates chronic oral infections . * tongue has to clean after every meal . * denudations on to the left lateral margin of the tongue indicates any sharp cuspal Project ions and any irritation from the sharpened teeth . * oral hygiene has to improve alot . * any sharp edges of teeth should be smoothe nd . * mouth wash for reducing halitosis and improve fresh, good healthy breath . * topical application of metrogyl on to tongue surface will kill the impacted bacteria in the grooves .

It's fissured tongue. .. Fissures on the tongue act as a reservoir for the accumulation of plaque and food debris and resultant pathogenic microorganisms giving a coated tongue appearance. Special attention should be given to clean the tongue with tongue scrappers. Additionally there is macroglossia also as indentation can be seen on lateral aspect of tongue.

Thanks Line of treatment please

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As an important vitamin in nutrition, it assists in uptake of other yet essential vitamins such as B-6, folate, Iron and also niacin. An indication that will show that it is too little in the body include swelling or soreness, cracks in tongue and cracked skin around the corners of the mouth.

A casevof fissured tongue. Nothing specific treatment is required. You can give Zinc coming Multivitamins, Vitamin A and folic acid


Dear dr.this pt.must be having digestive system problem.Reffer him to gastroenterologist.


Tnx Dr Dinesh Gupta

It is fissured tongue... Probably due to folic acid deficiency... No specific treatment is required but advise folic acid supplements and proper oral hygiene maintainance especially tongue scrapping and gentle fissure brushing...

Go with ppi and multivitamin Inc the water intake capacity Ors liquid should be advise with some laxative .. Educated pat about diet nd fibreous food

As according to case, u must prescribe 1. PPI 2. Multivitamin especially folic acid 3. Probiotic 4. Chlorhexidine mouthwash For first 7 days

Fissured tongue.No active treatment is required.put the pt on Antioxidants and multivitamin and thorough complete oral prophylaxis

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