35 yF P3 nvD vth irregular cycles, p/ s cx polyp (4.3.2 cm) , usg ut NS, ET-12 mm...mgt ??



Polypectomy along with Diagnostic D and C. both samples to be sent for Histopathology. Treatment according to reports

Excision of polyp & histopathology advised.

Polypectomy and bx .

Polypectomy and HP examination

Abdominal hysterectomy followed by HPE of polyp

she's just 35 yrs old

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Polypectomy with D&C Get HPE done and TVS for ovaries Accordingly decide. Sometimes just correctio of hormone imbalance and D& C can bring down the ET. A call for hysterectomy to be taken only if no other option left.

firstly, exclude hormonal causes of menstrual irregularity, n treat accordingly. next, if d base of polyp can be felt in p/v, polypectomy f/b dnc. if not hystetoscopic polypectomy shud be done. consent for hysterectomy shud be taken.

Hysteroscopy with polypectomy and HPE of polyp. With the hysteroscopy you'll be able to explore endocervical and endometrial cavity and r/o other pathology and also this polyp may have some extension in endometrial cavity. According to HPE further plan of action can be decided. Definitely she'll be relieved of her symptoms after polypectomy... From my side no need of hysterectomy at this stage

polypectomy and d&c and for hpe

hyseroscopic polypectomy f/b HPE...n then manage accordingly

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