35 yr male with dov in BE since 1 yr.. no history of night blindness.. no family history of it either.. VA is 6/36 in BE improving to 6/12 in LE and not improving in RE with refraction.. what can be the DD?

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Waxy pallor of optic disc, attenuated arterioles and typical bone corpuscle-like pigments all point toward pigmentary retinal dystrophy though history of night blindness is denied by the patient .

Looks like early central areolar choroidal atrophy in both the eyes involving disc & macula with pigment proliferation or inverse / atypical RP. Prescribe antioxidant and transpalpabral microcurrent retinal stimulation can be tried which helps in RP, CACD, Dry AMD with nongeographic / geographic atrophy, myopic chorioretinal degeneration & now FDA approved. The MCS device is available at Amazon. It may improve vision and slowdown the progression in CACD

Retinitis pigmentosa with optic atrophy

Thanks Curofy for the comment . I checked all answers after your comment,now and no body put optic atrophy along with retinitis pigmentosa.35 yr M ,presented with dov in BE. I am not understanding dov. Is there an abrevation like dov? I would like know the expansion . .

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Sectoral retinitis pigmentosa. So may be no night blindness for the patient as only a sector of retina is involved.

D/D Pan retinal photocoagulation Chronic Central choroiditis with partial optic atrophy Retinitis pigmentosa

Retinitis pigmentosa.

Sectoral RP

Atypical RP

Sectoral rp

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