35 yr old female present with bilateral post auricular swelling, present since birth. The right sided swelling started to increase in size, causing minimal discomfort. Swelling is firm, skin pinchable and non tender. Diagnosis???



Post Auricular Dermoid Cyst

Provisional Diagnosis is post auricular dermis cyst.but let us do FNAC.

postaural cyst.

Give a course of antibiotics, get a FNAC done. Looks like dermoid

post auricular dermoid cyst! need's FNAC followed by excision

post aricular dermoid cyst.first go for fnac then excision

In photo left side is larger seems to be infected...

dermoid cyt

Post auricular dermoid cyst.do u/s scan nd then excision

appears to be dermoid cyst. common site. excision is advised for cosmetic reasons and patient preference.

Post auricular dermoid. Need ultrasonography ruled out vascularity & also know the extend. FNAC.

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