35 yr old male pt hving this typ of lession on both eye last 2 yr Rx n Dx

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Ptyregium not much may wait if covers cornea or creates astigmatism then need excision

Bilateral nasal pterygium. Needs excision with conjunctival auto graft.

Ptyregium,must be removed immediately, it can damage the cotrnea.

Pterygia One can wait and there is no hurry for operation

I always go for keratometry in these cases...if high cylinder I operate...otherwise I ask for progression ....if stationary I wait and watch

Pterigyium eye disease treatment lubricants eye drops and moxi+dexa eye drops QD Otherwise surgery

Bilateral nasal pterygia. No rx is required right now.

Pterygium , sx if progressing .Till then lubricants

Pterygium,if progressive excision,conj graft

Pterygium b/l surgical diversion is mx

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