35 yrs female with P1L1 with genital and anal warts since 1 month. increasing in size and no. itching is there. what is the treatment...



Dear Dr Shila Genital Warts External application of PODOPHYLLUM paint at once or Electric Cauterisation will resolve this issue. Thanks with regards

Genital warts Can go with 30% TCA application over the lesions before that apply Vaseline around the lesions to avoid drooping of TCA. Repeat once weekly every weeks. And add valacyclovir 1000mg thrice daily for 7 days

Apply for once weekly for 4 weeks

screen for HPV infection.0.5% podophyllinsolution twice daily application for 3 days .repeat at weekly interval until they disappear or until a maximum of 6 weeks has elapsed.alternatively electric cauterisation.

Viral warts, advised cauterisaton.

Nice question Dr. Shila 1 ) Triphala kwath -sitz bath 2 ) Paniya kshar 3 ) Krimihar chikitsa 4 ) Rakta prashadak aushadha You will get the result.

First of all screen for HPV infection.... Advice for Agnikarma or Surgical Removal (Chedan karma)

Kanchnar guggal 2 tabs BD With Arshoghani Vati 2 tabs BD Along with kaashisadi tailam for piles And Erand tailam for warts Is advisable

Agnikarma or electric cauteriation followed by kusumolin ointment external application. internally T. Triphala guggulu 2 bd and T. Gandhaka Rasayana 1 tid cures the disese completely. No reccurence madam

बवाशीर के मस्से प्रतित होते हैं चिकित्सा,कायक्षूत्र विधी से करें

Human papilloma virus

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