Hyperkeratotic Papules

22 year-old came with lesion that arose on her forehead. Multiple skin-coloured and hyperpigmented, slightly hyperkeratotic, flat-topped papules (2-5 mm) over her forehead. The papules were mostly distributed linearly. Prakriti-vata pitta Agni- tikshna Jihva- saama Mala-sama


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Dx Verruca plana, caused by human papilloma virus, is frequently seen in children and young adults. The lesions are usually distributed in photo-exposed areas like face, neck, and dorsum of the hands. Contiguous warts may coalesce to form larger plaque. Linear arrangement of the papules at the sites of scratching (koebnerization) is characteristic. D/d Common differential diagnoses of this condition include acne (polymorphic lesion, presence of comedone, common in acne-prone area), molluscum contagiosum (pearly, skin-colored papules with central umbilication), syringoma (small, firm skin-coloured, translucent papules, common on the lower eyelids), and adenoma sebaceum (pink, dark brown, or skin-colored telangiectatic papules). Treatment of plane warts is mainly needed for cosmetic concern. In homoeopathy Constitutional treatment is given which removes the tendency along with the existing complaint.
Thank you Dr. Karnav and Dr. Hemant Adhikari

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Graphites 200
Needs counselling calmness symphony music, hygiene to be maintained, sulpha if tolerant turmeric powder paste, multani mitti with rose water and turmeric powder alkaline diet carrots pomegranates sprouts kalijeeri apricots sunshine no lotion.paalak,no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods
Thuja is an antisycotic medicine. We may start treatment with this....than in next follow up on the basis of new symptoms similarity we may follow the case.
Causticum,Thuja, Nat mur are effective Medicines for such cases in Homoeopathy. Selection should be on Constitution.
Thuja ,medo ,graph, cf, cs like medicine can work give after differentiating it
Warts Rx Antim crude 1m/3dose once in 15 days
साधारण मस्सा है, क्षार कर्म से लेखन करें।
Seems like molluscum contagiosum.
Verruca plana/Flat wart
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