35y/f ?? Pls suggest can she be delivered normally after reviewing reports, or Cesar is the only option

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As already it has Crossed 37 wks Completed, termination​ of pregnancy can be counselled As fetal compromise is already seen in scan, and also AFI is less than 5.. Chances of fetal distress are more if induced. Go for LSCS, so that outcome of baby will be good. If pt is not willing, go for Induction after assessing the pelvis, and also explain regarding the fetal distress.

Thank you Dr neelam

Anuradha , 37 weeks by scan/ 2.9 kg /high resistance flow in umbilical artery /oligohydramnios / single loop of cord round the neck. Why do you want to wait. Deliver her by caesarean immediately. We advise caesarean section because uterine contractions produce transient decrease in blood flow to the placenta. High resistance to blood flow in umbilical arteries further compromises blood flow to the fetus leading to hypoxaemia,hypoxia and asphyxia of the baby. If patient is not willing for LSCS after explaining all these problems of birth asphyxia ,then take a written consent. and try for a vaginal delivery. She may not deliver vaginally due to oligohydramnios and nuchal cord.

35 yrs female with single loop of cord around neck withAFI 4.7 wt 3 kg and high resistance flow in umbilical artery. All finding goes in favour of immediate cs as chances of fetal distress are very high. If pt not willing give short trial after explaining risk to baby.

In this case there is severe oligohydramnios and cord loop around the neck. So during the trial of labor after assessing the Bishops score there is very high chances of decelerations which can be very bad and combination of variable plus late decelerations which can lead to fetal hypoxia and HIE. Explain the pt about the condition and also explain the risk of failure of induction of labor and need for emergency Caesarean during trial of labor. Strict CTG monitoring during labor. Preferably patient to be taken for Caesarean section .

All the factors r going in favour for cs only . What r u waiting for dr. If pt insists for normal then take high risk consent & then give a trial.

Go for c section immediately. Age oligoamnios cord around neck high resistence flow in umbilical artery all suggest not to go for vaginal delivery. Because as uterine contractions starts foetus will show signs of distress and will end up in emergency cs followed by neonatal distress and its consequences.

37 completed wks, oligohydramnios,cord around neck of baby.....All go in favour of LSCS. Need to explain all these factors to patient and party and proceed for LSCS.

Ma'am, As Liquor - Oligohydramnios and Single loop of cord around the detail neck as per USG suggestive of CS is the best option .

give her dexona cover as chances for cs are high and dexa cover is now recommended till 39 completed weeks if for elective lscs. u can counsel the patient for chances of fetal distress and need for emergency lscs. take an inforbed conset and then u can either go for Elective lscs or if patient wishes u can induce her with strict ctg monitoring and lscs at earliest indication

Afi 4.5 and high resistance in umb art. Baby may hav distress at anytime. Go for emerg lscs.

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