35yrs old female with these umblical lesson from last 3months and some times serous discharge. plz diagnose n treatment.


35 yrs female with umbilical nodule. Appears more to be an umbilical raspberry tumor. Adv- CT scan to rule out any primary leading to sister Mary Joseph nodules, any communication to the peritoneum. Bilateral breasts to be excited to rule out any lump. Wedge biopsy indicated to know the histology

Run an ultrasound and if possible CT scan, it looks like sister mary joseph nodule,ofcourse cancers are less likely to that age group,but i think its better to rule out


- Umbilical granuloma - excision and biopsy

Umbilical Granuloma

Umbilical granuloma.histopathology is required to confirm the diagnosis.

Granuloma Excion and biopsy

St Josephine’s nodule / rule out ca / do Ann urgent biopsy and treat

Umbilical granuloma.have an excision biopsy

Umbilical granuloma Excision biopsy

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