35yrs old male with C/o weakness and numbness of hands and feet for 4-5 months.


As seen per the reports, This is a case of Anaemia. R/O 1)Megaloblastic Anaemia 2) DM you had seen only RBS. 3) Serum Calcium 4) Vit D 5) Thyroid problems. Treatment 1) Haematinics 2) Calcium Supplements 3) Vit D 4) Tab Methylcobalamine 1500 mcg 5) Vit C for better absorption of Iron. 6) Nutritional supplements.

Megeloblastic anemia u can try -- injection of Mecobalamine 1500mcg i.v. alternately sryp - iron+ folic acid+ b complex tab. amitrypataline10 mg H.S for 5 days

also prescribe- calcium+ vitamin E

Dear sir, First of all this case is related to anemia pt hb only 9gm also seen thrombocytopenia Rule out first this things PT has an h/o fever or any other illness giving history 2.give some haematonic and appetizers 3.if fever then R/o cause and treat accordingly 4.plz do CXR AND USG ABDOMEN THANX

advice :b 12 leval & calcium & d3 leval

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anemia, thrombocytopenia, with clinical finding of peripheral neuropathy.. its a case of vit.b 12 deficiency, do reticulocyte count, peripheral smear, if affordable vit b 12 and folate assay.. treatment with b12 injections, oral iron and folic acid tabs

It's bcoz of anaemia and blood sugar level is also on border so check it at monthly interval,,do bit. b 12, ,vitamin D,,s.calcium along with car, ,ecg

first ask about hx of tobacco or alchohol needs survival x-ray to r/ocervical pathology

this is a case of anemia with thrombocytopenia wth b12 deficiency. try to maintain the hb% lavel with vit. B complex with symptomatic treatment.

harpreet it is looking like 'anemia due to chronic disease' see lymphocytsis and due to disease there is also thrombocytopenia go for cxr(? tb), bsr(?dm)tft(?hypothyroidism)

रिपोर्ट पुरानी है नयी रिपोर्ट भेजें ताकि उचित परामर्श दिया जा सके।

This case seems to be ? dengue . Maintain vitals. IV fluids Multivitamin Doxycyclin /azithromycin is DOC Hematinic WATCH FOR- 1 Urine output 2 platelet count If it vl go below 40000 tranfuse platelets.

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