36 year old female patient admitted in hospital on 3/6/17 with complaints of vomiting pain abdomen USG is enclosed Doctor advised for surgical management Patients relative came with this report for second opinion. Asked me is it possible to cure this case with conservative management?? Patient is poor, Unable to arrange money for surgery. Please share your valuable opinion on this case, Should I take this case or not?? I know prognosis is poor, and surgical management is best option right now......



With patient consent, you may start treatment..

I suppose surgery is best option . Ask him to go to govt hospital to cut down financial burden. You better know pittashmari and mutrashmari chikitsa

Very good opinion sir

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We can best manage it by the Ayurveda and panchkarma

I think u can best manage it by Ayurveda and panchkarma to avoid recurrence after surgary.

Cantharis, Berberis, Cardus M. Q , Chelidoneum.may be Helpful l as.per symptom .

Staghorn calculi are composed of struvite (MAP, magnesium ammonium phosphate) and are usually seen in the setting of recurrent urinary tract infection with urease-producing bacteria (e.g. Proteus, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas and Enterobacter).  Here gallstone and renal stone in larger size. If pt.is very restless need of surgical treatment. If pt.may bear homoeopathic medicine Berberis Vulgaris,is the best medicine for both stone and pain.associated with hydrangea, sarsaparilla

Surgical management was requair de but u can take chance with Homoeopathic medicines like Cholestrinum, Chelidinium, Brrberis vulgeris etc may useful for it

DEPENDS UPON current status of PATIENT. @Dr. Hemant Adhikari sir share whether she is vitally STABLE or not. Now what are the main complaints. HOMEOPATHIC as well as AYURVEDIC management has that potential to manage well THIS condition without surgery. If not so then RAJIV GANDHI JEEVANDAYI YOJANA is BEST option to such a poor ONES. Thanks

Sir it is pure surgical case As soon as possible surgery is required patient is poor GOD MAY HELP HIM

It is a surgical case sir, but I have seen a patient who passed out 1.7 cm by simple IV fluids 3 pints with Inj. Sodabicarb 2@ and Inj. Lasix1@. But she is having gall stones with renal calculus that too staghorn will be painful so surgery is best.

Upto 4mm no therapy is needed They can easily pass out with adequate hydration
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