36 year old street hawker came with complaints of cough & weight loss for last 3 weeks. What are your views about the X-ray?



socio-economic status, cough not much fever yet...s/o miliary TB only....short duration not suggestive of pneumoconiasis

I think in tropical eosinophilia radiological picture may be more in the central to peripheral ..here it appears more uniformly distributed and history of previous attacks not mentioned...

dear Dr velmurugan sir, you have posted the question on 20th October..now it is 1st December...nearly one and half months....many doctors are continually posting their advices still. we have not received any further information , investigations done, any conclusion made, treatment given and response...unless continuous interaction is there purpose is lost and everybody thinking their diagnosis correct and nobody gets advantage of this interaction.. I request you kindly enlighten what happened further ..Thq

military tuberculosis

miliary tb

miliary tuberculosis.

miliary tuberculosis

miliary tuberculosis

miliary tuberculosis

miliary tuberculosis

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