Pts age 64 years.suffering from jaundice due to gb stone.stone size 15.4mm and wbc 18000.biliru


Homoeopathic does not claim to do away with the surgery altogether but it can help & eliminate surgery in many cases diseases like appendicitis, mastoiditis,tonsil,boils,stone in kidney &gallbladder can treated homoeopathic with success surgeon must be called when a foreign body or pus is lodged deep in the body & there is suppression in the internal organs of deep in skin.
As per case , jaundice with gb stones _ (1) Chelidonium Q.(2) Chionanthus Q.(3) BoldoQ./ 15 drops each x3 times daily in water.(4) Cholestrinum3X/2tabs.x3 times daily .(5)Natrum Sulph 3X /4 tabs thrice daily.(6) China 30/2drops twice daily.. Continue the medicines for 3werks. then report afterwards...
Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Largest Size GB Organic Stone Surgery Best Opinion. At A Time No Surgery Very Ricky Last Stage Operation Maximum Patient Biopsy Test (+Ve) ~ Carcinoma. Inorganic Stone Possible Homeopathy Treatment. Rx Carduas Mar 0, *Cholestenium 3X Is Best.
Surgery for removal and afterwards homoeopathic to prevent recurrence of formation.
Cardus M Q Cholestrinum 3x
Cholesteinum 6x Cardus m q
Cardus mar Q Fel tauri 6x

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