Pain and mild swelling in the anterior region

A 39 yr old female presented with pain and mild swelling in the superior third of the root between teeth 43 & 44. Clinically, the area was mildly swollen and was greyish in color. There was mild tooth resorption. The radiographic images show a unilocular radiolucency. What is this swelling? (I don't have an intraoral pic)

Localised periodontitis wrt 43,44 .Adv scaling root planing under LA reevaluate after 4- 6 wks open flap debridement if PPD > 5mm, look for TFO and root caries wrt to 43 as mild radiolucency can be seen in cervical 3rd of root surface.
External resorbtion Deep periodontal pocket
Food lodgement is present?