37 year male complaints with this pigmented lesion over the eye. What are the cause for this. and treatment plan.




Sorry doctor,,, what is ossn

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pterigium encroaching cornia needs excision

Infected Pterygium Will Need surgical excision

There is no term as infected pterygium

ossn excision with 2 mm safe margin with application of mmc

It's naevus R/ o malignancy as lesion appears to be vascularised

Heamorrage due to hypertension or bleeding disorder

D/D Pigmented elevated naevus Foreign body Curvuleria fungal mass Excision and biopsy. History is impory8

A Pigment ed naevi ask for sudden increase in size or redness . excision with biopsy to be done.further course of action depends on the biopsy report

Being safe side, think OSSN and manage with excision biopsy after Mitomycin application.

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