Suggest any treatment for submucosal and intramural fibroid

37 Years, Female Investigations Cystic lesion in pouch of Douglas, extending into bilateral adnexa, (measuring about 70 x 29 mm) adherent to posterior wall uterus and bilateral ovaries. Small T2W hypointense i lesion of size 10 x 10 mm is seen in anterior myometrium, indenting endometrium likely s/o Submueosal fibroid. An intramural fibroid of size 10 x 8 mm is also seen in posterior myometrium. Diagnosis Small sized submucosal and intramural fibroids. Management Ethinyloestradiol+Dienogest Tab Please suggest any possible treatment




Diagnostic laproscopy to access complete abdominal cavity and cystic lesions and uterus. According to that either laproscopy or open surgical removal of mass. If family completed then one can go for hysterectomy and if not then cyst removal and hsteroscopic removal of fibroid but expertisation required.