37 yr old man presented to ED.with palpitations & sweating physical examination revealed feebl


ED is future indicator of myocardial infarction. Rule out Diabetes, Hypertension and dyslipidemia. Palpitations, sweating and feeble pulse indicates acute myocardial injury, Arrythmias probably myocardial infarction . Rule out anxiety neurosis. and GERD. Rule out side effects of drugs used for ED with out proper evaluation of cardiovascular status. History of smoking should be elicited.

Actually- Sir - there is a draw back of posting a case like this - complete history is not posted and neither examination findings. When the option comes while posting a case - please tick - SKIP NOW .Then the whole case will be posted . In this case - he needs to be evaluated by an ECG, echocardiography, lipid profile,

Do ECG 2d echo treat the cause give betablocker

Full history is not there sir

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