21/Male on routine reports Vit D3 - 5.62 Vit B12 - 161 Severe deficiency of Vit D3 and Mild B12 Rx

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Oral Vit D3 60 K , once a week for 12 weeks, followed by once a month for 9 months. Oral replacement of calcium . Advise to expose to sunlight . For vit B12 deficiency, Inj Methycobalamine ,1000mcg once a month for 9 months . To recheck values after 9 months
Sir, b12 once a week or once a month??
Vitamin D3 inj 6lacs every 15 days for 1 month.tThereafter oral vitamin d3 60 lacks per week for3 months. Vitamin b12 injections 2 I week 1000mcg each time for 1 month . Then b12 orally 1500mcg daily for 3 months.
So far, I have advised him to follow this regimen - Calcitrol sachet 60k in milk for next 8 weeks + Cap. Bio D3 Max OD + Tab Rejunex OD Your comments appreciated
Inj vitaminD 6 lacks fortnightly followed by vitaminD 60k weekly 3months Inj vitamin12 twice weekly 1000mcg for a month followed by 1500mcg daily 2to3 months
Inj Architol 6k IM once a week for one month Inj Methylcobalmin 1500 mcg once IM stat Then tab or sachet vit D3 check vit D and vit B 12 after 3 months
Because severe deficit Vit D but borderline Vit B12
Suppliment the deficiency Whatever shedule you want to follow but keep monitoring to avoid hypervitaminosis
Thanx dr Vipin Bihari Jain

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Vit-D3 60000.iu x Weekly..x 10 weeks. Methylcobalmin 1500 mcg + Folic acid 5 mg+ Vit B6 ..On alternate day for 3 months. DR.Shivrajji has rightly posted, Hypervitaminosis should be tsken cars of. So just check regularly to adjust thd dose.
Tab limos 60 k od For 6 week Tab nfuroeell od for three month at least
Agreed with Dr.Krishnan P

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