38 yr female ascitic fluid and lymph node.... site no given...


*?Ascitic fluid negative for malignant cells, shows Reactive mesothelial cells & lymphocytes. * Lymphnode : Shows diffuse, loose & ? Alveolar like arrangement of discohesive cells with pleomorphism, mitosis & pleomorphic tumor giant cells. • FSO : Metastatic deposits of High grade/ Pleomorphic/ Undifferentiated Neoplasm. DDs : * Anaplastic/ Undifferentiated Carcinoma. Pleomorphic Sarcoma. Amelanotic Melanoma. * Anaplastic Large cell Lymphoma. Advised IHC with a Primary panel for Undifferentiated Malignancy ( Including Pan Cytokeratin, Vimentin, Desmin, S100 & LCA).

Adenocarcinomatous deposits both in lymph node and ascetic fluid, reactive mesothelial cells and signet ring cells noted. May be mucin. Advised cell block and IHC

A vague alveolar pattern noted with loss of cohesion, marked pleomorphism & bizarre tumour giant cells seen. Fluid shows Reactive mesothelial cells admixed with lymphocytes. Impression : Undifferentiated malignancy. Advised first line of IHC panel to know the lineage.

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+ ve for Malignancy Metastatic deposits. However, clinical evaluation, imaging study USG/ CT/ MRI to be carried out for detection of Primary and needful.

Looks like adenocarcinoma

Metastatic deposits in lymph nodes?? Ascitis is having reactive mesothelial cells and inflammatory infiltrate but fluid pictures are not very clear??

Any mucin?

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Signet ring cells ? Adenoma carcinoma

Metastatic deposits. Both in lymph node and ascitic fluid


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Positive for malignancy- possibly adenocarcinoma cell type. Advised- Cell block for peritoneal fluid and IHC.

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