38 yrs female c/o shoulder joint pain right shoulder past 15 days sudden onset no comorbidities not releived with NSAID dx and management please

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Shoulder joint is with in normal limits

Frozen shoulder Rule out Diabetes Physiotherapy

Sudden shoulder pain Any history of trauma or heavy work any clunk heard All these are important. I think you can ahead with mri as CT day looks near normal

Ok sir

Physiotherapy treatment will give good results first of all diagnose which muscle in the rotator cuff is involved followed by physiotherapy treatment ; paraffin wax bath , pendular exercises , finger ladder exercises , streching and strenthening exercises.

PWB on SHOULDER joint....!!!!!!?????? GO for some better choice..

@cp angle is obliterated, rule out lung pathology

No bony abnormality seen. To relieve pain ultrasound and Tens. Check her vit D3,ca. If patient is diabetic?? Stretching and strengthening ex for shoulder encouraged.

Go for physiotherapy treatment shouldermobilization to improve ROM

Frozen shoulder Hot fomentation and gentle exercises

No bony injury or abnormality detected. Adv--MRI

Thank you sir

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