38 yrs female c/o shoulder joint pain right shoulder past 15 days sudden onset no comorbidities not releived with NSAID dx and management please

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It's a case of soft tissue pathology. Most probably rotator cuff injury. Please do special tests to rule out Bicipital tendonitis, subacromial subdeltoid bursitis, capsular tightness, labrum SLAP tear

Sudden shoulder pain Any history of trauma or heavy work any clunk heard All these are important. I think you can ahead with mri as CT day looks near normal

Ok sir

Film looks normal. Hence, Bony injuries ruled out. Look for ligamentous and muscular injuries along with neurovascular pathology. Advise - MRI scan of the Right Hand.

Acute Subacromial bursitis my be a cause following heavy work or unaccustomed work. Supraspinatus tendinitis may be another cause but please check the abduction of the shoulder to rule out the case.

Any restriction of movements. If normal then may be bicipital tendinitis or sub acromial bursitis. Go for contrast bath with stretching of biceps. Avoid aggravating factors. US may help. Topical analgesics.

No bony abnormality seen. To relieve pain ultrasound and Tens. Check her vit D3,ca. If patient is diabetic?? Stretching and strengthening ex for shoulder encouraged.

Minimal changes of Peri arthritis in shoulder joint with minimal subluxation.Please corelate clinically.Advised MRI for further evaluation

X-ray suggestive of minimal subluxation of head of humerus with changes of periarthritis in shoulder joint

No bony injury or abnormality detected. Adv--MRI

Thank you sir

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No bony injury adv. MRI.

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