38 yrs old male with this type of lesion on tongue it is painful,

38 yrs old male with this type of lesion on tongue It is painful, itching and dark red coloured Healthy, tobacco chewer please explain thanks

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Glossitis treat with vit b group vit c orally with anti histamine and betadine lotion gargles apply boroglycerine mixed with tab vit b complex.good oral hygiene must be maintain and nutritious food.

Geographic tongue with monaliasis inf.treat with oral as well as local antifungal and local steroid gel +vit b complex


Geographical tongue

Sycosis barbae with Geographic Tongue


Geographic tongue ... If pattern r changes with time .. It's a developmental anomaly of tongue.. No basic treatment required.. But if burning sensation then use of topical xylocan gels.. Few antifungal .. topical gels.. Maintain oral hygiene. Try to reduce frequency of spicy or irritating foods ..

Thanks to all Respected Doctor's CUROFIAN'S for their useful explaination and cooperation

Glossitis treat with vit b with vit c also good oral hygiene and too avoid tobacco chewing

Glossitis. May be treated with vit.b complex ,anti histaminic. If not improved think otherwise. @Dr. Kute Ankush

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