CBCT shows Radiolucency irt mesial aspect of tooth 34.

62 yo female presented for tooth replacement irt 33. CBCt was taken to check the alveolar bone thickness for the implant. The CBCT scan shows an incidental small, well demarcated radiolucent lesion on the mesial aspect of tooth 34. What is it? How it will affect implant procedure?


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Endoperiolesion wrt 35 .Rx-open flap curettage and intentional RCT wrt 35.Bone density looks adequate for implant wrt 33 however as Dr Gopinath has mentioned due to meisal tipping of 34 crown width will be compromised in my opinion u can proceed with implant after bone mapping.
Lateral periodontal cyst? Confirm with biopsy Moreover the space for implant placement is minimal, and mesial tipping of 34 is evident Treatment plan - open the site surgically irt 33, 34 region and enucleate the cyst and curette it, Rct treated irt 34?
It looks in relation to #35, the tooth has restoration which is almost on pulp. This might have led to loss of tooth vitality & a Radicular cyst is formed. Enucleate the cyst and you can place implant for #33.