Sudden appearance of crusted erosions.

A 41-year-old female presented for the sudden appearance of swollen lips with crusted erosions. Lesions are painful and cause burning on eating spicy food. What is the most likely diagnosis?

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Herpes labilialis Acyclovir orally. Diclo PCM SOS. Multivitamin and antioxidants orally. Acyclovir+ xylocaine gel locally. Keep area clean and covered with sterile gauge. Protect against exposure to extreme bad conditions.
Thanks Dr Shenawy.

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Herpes labilis Acyclovir oint locally Acyclovir tab400 mg 5 times daily Tab Gabapentine 300 mg b d
Herpes labialis drug Induced Actinic cheilitiis
Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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HERPES labialis
Case of Herpes labilialis. Treatment, 1. Gel-Metrogyl-Dg forte.apply thrice daily.2.Tab .Acyclovir. for 7days .3 .Tab.A-Z .OD for 7 days.
Herpetic infection CHX mouthwash and topical application. Acyclovir 400 only if it doesn’t respond to local measures.
Herpes labialis Tab. Acivior. 400 mg tid Syp. Bevon 10 ml bd Cap. Becosules tid Herpikind cream locally
Drug induced hypersensitivity reaction? Any history of fever? Herpetic infections? Ask the history
Herpes labialis Acyclovir ointment Acyclovir 400 Tab. Alday10 Cap. B complex
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