39 year, male, smoker, c/o cough with hemoptysis and right sided chest pain. Please help with the diagnosis and management of this case.



Anterior wall ischaemia with septolateral infarction. Advised emergency ICU management.

chest xray rt side opacity is well clear margin so have CECT Chest

streptokinase 15 lac units...100ml per hour....after 6 hours inj heparin 1000 units ..slowly......clopidogrel 75mg..3:tab stat....dysprin 300mg stat

lvh+ant wall mi

Looks like LVH in ecg and high lateral ischemia st depression in v3 v4 with tachycardia

triangular opacity in right middle zone with apex towards hilum .. Hampton s hump ... with typical history ... first thing to be ruled out is pulmonary embolism... Ecg showing LVH with strain pattern tachycardia...

wat is specific test for PE

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LVH with cor-p

left wall ischemia, LVH, st segment depression in 1,AVL,v3 to 6, ecosprin, clopitab, atorvast, beta blocker accordingly BP, go for trop t and cpk mb.

tall t wave in lateral chest lead

COPD with Pulmonary embolism with lVH with smoker cough. Rx Tab Lenoxin OD 4 to 5 days in a week. Tab Ethamsyl 500 tid.Tab Paracetamol + tramadul SOS. cap pantaprazole OD .Tab Multivitamins od. Tab Doxophylline BD .Complete bed rest. Refer to cardiology department for further treatment

cxr shows rt upper lobe ant segment consolidation with bulging fissure sign probably rt upper lobe pneumonia

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