1. Identify the instrument 2. Mention its parts and use of each part. Must know for all the post graduates and clinicians


1. Goldmann three mirror gonio lens 2. Parts: a) centre lens lens: Planoconcave lens -64D: view of central 30 degree of fundus b)Equatorial mirror, 73 degree, largest mirror, oblong shaped: for view of 30 degree to equator c) Peripheral mirror, 67 degree, square shaped: equator to orra ( intermediate in size) d) gonioscopy mirror, 59 degree, dome shaped: for extreme periphery, pars plana and irido corneal angle ( smallest of three mirror)
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goldmann 3 mirror gonio lens.. uses:1- angle anatomy n pathology, 2- pars plana,3- peripheral retina. 4- posterior pole. 5- termination of acute angle closure episode.
How would u terminate an angle closure episode with this gonioscope?

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3 mirror gonioscope central part for central fundus...tongue shaped lens for angles and rest 2 lenses for peripheral fundus
Dear Dr.naha hi nice to see u,as u hv asked to identify the parts of instrument,unable to recognized pl.let me warm greeting Dr.pradeep kathuria
Yes sir. Check dr nidhi reply. she has answered it beautifully.

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Goldman's 3 mirror goniolens 1.central part for central fundus 2.peripheral part for seeing angle anatomy and pathology
Goldmann three mirror lens, it has central lens, Equatorial mirror, peripheral mirror & goinoscopy mirror.
gonioscope used in open angle glaucoma to see angles..
Goldman 3 mirror gonioscopy and fundus viewing lens.
Goinoscope to see angels of open angle glaucoma.
Goldman's 3-mirror gonioscope lens
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