39yrs old male..driver by trade.h/o dyspnea on exertion,dry cough,low grade fever,loss of appetite * 5 days..G/E-NAD,S/E-NAD.ESR-48,TLC-12200

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these are calcified lesions affecting both lower lobes of lungs. it cnt b silicosis, miliary t.b or varicella. occupation lung disease needs to be ruled out. hrct chest cn clarify the diagnosis. are there any crepts on auscultation. since history is acute, hypersensitivity pneumonitis shd be ruled out. sputum exam by induction cn be done. give a short course of wysolone

It's not Miliary/TB/Silicosis.Looks like post inhalation of metallic dust.H/O exposure to b bought.


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Calcinosis cutis..........these micro opacities are seen to extend outside the lung field on right thoracic wall Associated with CREST syndrome. ....rule out these findings clinically

No such clinical findings that suggest CREST

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Mercury poisoning


Milliary mottling of lungs

Milliary TB Cxr pa view Sputum for AFB DOT

Military kochs. Blood Investigation cbc,esr, triodot,sputum for afb. T/t-tab.AKT 4-2months &AKT 2for 4months

Milliary wil be in all lobs

Looks like miliary TB!! Get Sputum for afb, mantoux and plan rx accordingly!!

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