a 34 years female having vericos vein from last 6 years pain & swelling some time occurs Vericos vein occurs after 2nd pregnancy lt side is more prominent than rt surgery done for vericos vein lt foot felbectomy hooking but recurrence from last 3 years no diabetes ht no family history mother & father Both Are live heathy Mental cool calm friendly sometimes angry Great desire for sour & spicy foods Menses regularly No constipated bowel regular Lean thin patient weight 47kg both delivery are normal @@@a Aggravated after long standing her proffesion is also a long standing Pt taking Homoeo medicin like sulphur 0/2 & cal flor 0/3 for 2 years But no good response pls give suggestion menagement of pt


Avoid long standing and sitting Foot level raised during sleep Oil massage with sesame oil Swedan Rakta mokshan or jaluka avacharan if possible Orally. Mahamanjisthadi churan , punarnavadi churan, shothari loh, erand mool churan. Twice daily Trifala ghrit 10 gm daily.
Thanks sirji

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She should use stockings. Get her color Doppler done for valvular incompetency and perforators if any. Stockings is a preventive treatment.
Agree with Dr Singh. Doppler should be done.
Inv BT,CT,PT INR, CBC. Avoid long standing . Foot end raised during sleep. Jalauka avcharan has good results.
Acid Fluor is indicated since there's craving for sour and spicy food. 30th or 200 single dose may be given.
Give 21 days snehan swedan followed by basti for 7 days. Advice walking regularly. Do lipid profile.
Reticular type vericose veins pleease wear stockings following jaluka vidhi and foot elevation
Lechesis -200....weekly..+ R-42.. TDS FOLLOW UP - 3 weeks
Multiple remedies and compounds are not allowed in homoeopathy

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Sepia 200one Dose dry and wait
Thanks a lot sir
Hamamalis 30
should go for punarnavadi mandir,along wid,punarnavarishta,, pt should avoid dadhi as it causes shotha plus aggravates it as well,, advise to take navneet extracted from dadhi DTS shotha shamak, avoid long standing or sitting with legs hanging,sleeping in head low position,, gokshuradi guggulu can be advised if pain is more .since her profession z which involves long standing DTS y shaman nhi ho paa raha...advise her to keep her legs or toes in motion.
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