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Dear Doc's this case to be diagnosed with u r help.Ptn.age 34.Factory worker.thin body.feeling heavy ness during breath & after every diet up to 3 hours.feeling weakness & fatigue. Again called by me in the morning for Nardi Parikshan/Nidan Priverjan. 1.pulpitation was 120 pm. 2.Bp 83/125 3.Nirdi Parikshan indicating Vat Dosh 4.But traced Pitt Dosh Sympotems. 5.During phycally,traced old oprated spots. 6.ptn indicate,Nec glands were oprated before 4 years at Lakhnow hospital declaring case of Glads TB.with recovery declare case. Ptn.Main complaint to feel some smoke type to lift up from instatine to slowly up to heart with uneasiness feelings. suffering by tounge sores by red spot. Dear friends at present I provide Perbhakervati+mukashukti+Satvgiloy+ jawaher mohra pishti with Gulkand. After diet Arjunarisht+Drakhsa asav with LSS ras for 7 days. My query that is it the comming effect of old Neck glands TB.?or not. it a case of Hyperacidity/Amalpitt ? Further I matlab adv.for required tests ? Awaiting for necessary guidelines.


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Agree with the adv./line of treatment by Dr.Hament Adikari sir. Dr.Reddi is also precious.
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As per the symptoms and your detailed Explanation I will suggest you to rule out Rajyakshama and Pandu Roga. We don't know what kind of gland was operated? May be Lymph? My be Thyroid? Advise for CBC and Chest XRay first And continue your line of treatment @S.k. Mudgal sir
Old PT case U can add swarnamalini vasanta Ra's Talisadi Chu sitophaladi Kanchanara guggulu Tqs dr
Agree with the adv./line of treatment by Dr.Hament Adikari sir. Dr.Reddi is also precious.
Feeling heavenes after during breath every diet Pit dosh Acidity Dyspepsia
It may be T.B. we need some pathological findings to confirm diagnosis
Agree with Dr.Reddi to deal near the diagnosed.
Carbovaige 30
Pl.indicate the dignose as per u r

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