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A 16 year old adolescent girl presented with history of fever, acute onset of breathlessness, facial edema, distended superficial veins over neck, and left upper limb swelling. Chest radiography revealed mediastinal mass causing marked widening of the mediastinum. Hemogram showed haemoglobin8.6 g/dL, white blood cell count 76.6 × 109/L and platelet count 42 × 109/L. CT scan revealed 7.1X5.3 cm, homogenously mass in perivascular compartment of mediastinum with contiguious extension into visceral compartment. USG colour doppler revealed left sub clavian vein thrombosis. How we proceed to this case?

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Mediastinal mass, possible causes - HL/ NHL/ Leukemia
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Mediastinal mass, possible causes - HL/ NHL/ Leukemia
CT guided FNAC of the lesion to come at a diagnosis