Acute onset of skin lesions

Chief complaint A 45 y/o male presents with rash on her bilateral helices, abdomen, and bilateral upper extremities of acute onset. Description Lesions are present with itching. He has history of same lesions 5 years back that resolved at its own. Diagnosis What is diagnosis can you help?

*Fixed drug eruption ** LP Levocet 5mg bd. Tapering dose of steroid orally. Clean area with diluted betadine lotion apply caladryl lotion than lobate-S oint locally. PABA cream locally during exposure to sunlight and bad weather conditions. Avoid medication that causes allergy. Keep the area clean and covered with sterile gauge. Needs further investigation and evaluation.
Thanks dear Nihar

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Fixed drug eruption. The main goal of treatment is to identify the causative agent and avoid it. Treatment for fixed drug eruptions (FDEs) otherwise is symptomatic. Systemic antihistamines and topical corticosteroids may be all that are required. In cases in which infection is suspected, antibiotics and proper wound care are advised.
The lesion is with black central discoloration withbm erythematous patch at periphery.. More suggestive of Fixed drug eruption Please take the medication history
Thank you sir @Dr. Ashok Leel
Beetle dermatitis ? ? Drug induced urticaria Antihistamines Steroids taping Multiple vitamins Steroidal ointment locally
Post history of similar eruption which resolved spontaneously suggest that it is fixed drug reaction
Must be of Drug...Fixed Drug Allegy erupsions.
? LP .. ? LPP..
Tnx Dr Ashok Leel sir
Purpura fulminans... It may be due to infection or congenital deficiency of protein C..
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