Can any dr. Suggest cataract without operation treatment


Cinneraria eye effective
Cinneraria drop
Dx only upto immature cataract Rx Chandrodaya vati Anjana Punarnava jana(root bark) Tab Mahasaptamritam 1 BD Manha Triphala ghrita 10ml OD Intake of Diary products, leafy vegetables, carrot, Egg, Fish and Ghee Eye exercises Pranayam Eye wash There is no reversal possible in Moderate and Hyper mature cataract with medication, surgery is the only option
Rx Only for immature cataract 1. Mahatriphala ghrit 2. Swarnamakshik Bhasma 3. Chandrodayavarti. Ayurved to suggest Shalya karma for mature cataract.
Naphthalene 30/tds Cineraria eye drops
triphala ghrita and chandrodayavarthi
Homeo pathy hai ya electro pathy
Both are Homoeopathic medicines
Yeh kahan milegi