itchy inflammation of the upper eyelid skin diagnosis ?? treatment ??


Red, Itchy, Scaly Eyelids, look greasy N Crusted, morover Dryness, ie Information of EYELIDS (N Eyelashes too)--- --- It's BLEPHARITIS. - Could B Bacterial, Fungal, Dryness etc--- RX: -Personal Cleanliness which promotes health N wellbeing, eg Washing hands before eating--- - Warm Compression over da affected areas to loosen Crusts, after that use a washcloth moistened with warm water N a few drop of Ketoconazole Shampoo to wash away da debris or scales at da base of Eyelashes. - Topical Corticosteroid + Antibiotic Ointment, eg, Neosporine-H(Ophthalmic). - Use of Emollients, to avoid da Dryness. - "Omega 3 Fatty Acids" to help keep "Meibomian glands" healthy. - Treatment of Dandruffs if Present.
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Allergic contact dermatitis
It's either allergic contact dermatitis or dermatitis due to some atopicity...Whatever Just give a combination of an antibacterial, antifungal and a mild to moderate steroid gel or ointment... Maintain hygiene...Rule out diabetes...Give oral antihistaminic...rule out any lesion on the bulbar and palpebral conjunctiva...can lead to blepharitis and stye so you can give an oral antibiotic if needed(preferably a macrolide or penicillin derivatives)...Make the patient report for any pustular lesion...or conjunctivitis
Dermatitis Rx. tab Azithromicin 200 bd tab Dexamethason.Od tab levofloxacin 200.Od Cream.Ofloxacin orindazol
Allergic contact dermatitis, mild steroidal oint, tab, anthistomonics, antoxidants
can there be a mycosis as co-infection
It's May be Herpis or allergic reactions
It may be Air born contact dermatitis , rule out whether patient is living in Parthenium prone area Ask to wear sun glasses all the time once he is outdoor Short course of systemic steroids Anti allergic Topical mild steroid for very brief period followed by moisturiser
Duration ?cad Topically Refresh liquigel 3 times Predmed eye drops topically Atarax 25 mg od R/A 3 days
Contact dermatitis! Mainly allergic.. mometasone cream with oral antihistamincs for 2 wks nd then stop
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