Ayurved kae anushaar, Covid-19 ka rog nidaan kya hai?

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Agantuja Vyadhi Nidana Sevana (Exposure to the Virus) Environment (Bahya and Abhyantara) [Avoiding Physical Distancing, Avoiding Face Cover, Avoiding Frequent Hand Washing) And Host (Personal with Comorbidity like TB, COPD, DM, Heart Disease and Other Systemic Diseases) Develops the Disease and Leads to death... Nidana is SARS COV 2 Virus
I was just reading Charaka Samhita and in it, there is a chapter called “Janapada Dvamsa Vyadhi”, which means [refers to] world-wide epidemics.
"Janpado updamans "acharya charak have also mention this type of pandemic disease (mahamari) in viman sthana
Janpado dvansa vyadhi .... charak viman sthan
यह कोई रोग ही नहीं है, तो फिर निदान कैसा।
फिर क्या है सर?
Protein? Vish(toxicology)
Janapadodwasha vyadhi
Janapadodwamsa vyadhi
It is an infection
It is an infection
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