3m/Ch male suffering from excessive watering and mucus formation RT. eye . otherwise healthy no o/c



Congenital obstruction of nasolacrimal duct. Simple massaging is enough as spontaneous resolution will occur. Applying gentle pressure on common canaliculus as stroking downward to increase the pressure in the lacrimal sac will help in relieving obstruction ten strokes twice daily. Tobra eye drops in case of conjunctivitis which can occur as complication of congenital obstruction of naso lacrimal duct. Surgical intervention like probing if obstruction persist more than 1 year.

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Congenital dacrocystitis Rx as adv by Dr. Ajay Gupta If no response by sac massage & antibiotics eye drops, may need sac probing.

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A moderate firm pressure over lacrimal sac some times opens NLD. Advise sac massage 3 - 4 times a day, teach the mother right technique of pressing lacrimal sac possibly with little finger of dominant hand and downward stroke to generate a fluid wave in lacrimal passage. Advise nail clipping of finger to be used & hand wash before massage. Antibiotic drops should be stopped in a week as it may cause pseudomembranous conjunctivitis

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congenital dacrocystitis massage over lacrimal sac area 15 to 20 stroke 2 times daily for 10 days tobramycin eye drop 3 times daily for 7 days

Dear sir, Is Massage recommended for children less than 6m old ? I have read somewhere that only abs drops should be used in children less than 6 m old. Massage should be used after that for unresponsive cases. Plz clear

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Congenital dacryocystitis. Massage on lacrimal sac . Tobramycin eye drops locally.

Congenital NLD block . Treatment crigler massage and antibiotics

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POSIBILTY of cong test duct OBSTRUCTION Treatment LACRIMAL massage Topical ANTIBIOTIC drops In most of the cases UNILATERA watering is due to Cong t D OBSTRUCTION This modality of treatment is effective However in some CASES i if watering continues At the ages between ,12 to 14 months One may have to do LACRIMAL probing With Syringing Under Sedation

Nasolacrimal obstruction Massage thrice daily is enough. Pressure over sac region for 30 secs at a time is enough.

Nasolacrimal duct blockade. Needs massage and antibiotic eyedrops.if no improvement in 6 months probing and syringing.

Naso Lacrimal duct bloc

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